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During the Tang dynasty, Chang'an was one of the largest cities in the world. It was a cosmopolitan urban center with thousands of travelers exploring it, to smell its aromas, to discover its streets, and to find out new ways of living and a whole new culture.

Four districts of the city need now to be renewed: as an important urbanist called by the Tang dynasty court compete against the other famous urbanists to build the best districts of Chang'an and to get the favors of the court.

Chang'an is an engine-building and resource management card game. Players will carefully project their plans by placing cards on the top part of their personal boards (the gates). Then they will move them into the city districts to build amazing buildings and to welcome new important characters in the neighborhood in order to improve the commercial, military, scientific, civil, and political fields. Every new card brought into the districts will provide players with different types of privileges and a certain number of victory points.
Combo systems and game variability are important features in Chang'an. 


How To Play

5 carte diverse.png

The game is played over a variable number of rounds, until the game end condition is triggered. Rounds proceed in clockwise order starting from the first player. During your turn, you perform only one of the three main actions:

1. Research 

Take 1 face down City card from the City deck or 1 visible card from the general display. You can get 1 additional City card for each couple of Wheat tokens you return to the general stock.  

changan gif 1 C2.gif

2. Produce

You can decide to perform one or both following actions to produce resources: 

1) Play cards: play from 1 to 3 cards directly from your hand to a unique gate (the upper part of your City board).

2) Rearrange your cards: You can move any number of cards from one or more gates to another one. All moved cards must land on the same gate. 

changan gif 2 C2.gif

Then, the specific resource of the target gate is activated: take Resource tokens of that type equal to the number of resources depicted at the bottom of the City cards of that column. You take an additional resource for the 1 depicted on the City board. 

Now, in any order, you can activate the effects of the "character" cards you built in the districts right under the gate where you are activating the production.

3. Build

Take the topmost card from any gate and place it on the topmost available space of your district. Return to the general stock the resources required by that space and the resource for the additional cost if there is.

You can immediately trigger the effect of a “character” type card when you place it.

changan gif 3 C2.gif

Once during a turn, as optional actions, you can spend 2 Coins to obtain 1 Resource token of any other type or spend Stones to acquire a city card from another player.

The game ends as soon as a player gets nine or more cards placed in their City board (cards at the gates are not considered). 

The player with the most Vp is the best urbanist at the Tang court and the Emperor declares their win. 

5 mazzi con nomi 1.png

Like the city of Chang'an, the game keeps changing and evolving! Chang'an can be played in many ways according to the aspect of the city you decide to develop and the management features you decide to explore.
Try to use different decks to make a different game every time you play Chang’an!

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